Finding Jobs in Saskatchewan

As a newcomer, you might find it a challenge to get your first job. New country, new culture, and new workplace needs adjustment and a fresh perspective.  with right determination and guidance, it is possible to find the right job that suits your profile and helps you realize your new Canadian dream.

Get a better understanding of the job scenario even before you start job  hunting.

We have compiled some great resources to help you find the best job in Saskatchewan as a newcomer. Start applying the tips by our recruitment  experts and hiring managers as soon as you plan your move.

1. Build a Canada-styled resume or CV.

Before everything else, spend some time finding out what kind of resume is acceptable in Canada and what recruiters look for in a resume. Resumes  written with typos, grammatical errors, and not customized for the job will negatively impact your chances. Learn about the company, job and  responsibilities to build a resume that showcases why you are the best person for this job. Get familiar with the company and ask the right questions during  the interview stage.

2. Network and Meet People in your Profession

Being new to Canada, you need to develop and grow your network to meet as many people as you can from your industry to get their advice on jobs and opportunities. Networking will help you gain confidence, learn about the  culture and make the right connections.

A number of jobs are never advertised  and the only way to grab those opportunities is by meeting people  and showcasing your passion and knowledge in your industry. Websites like  eventbrite and local listing portals advertise events in the community.

Find the  ones that match your skill set and establish connections. Another way to grow  our local network as a newcomer is by volunteering for organizations. You will  not only gain crucial transferable skills but also get references that you will need.

3. Spend time doing research on jobs before applying

Get a thorough understanding of job you are looking for and its requirements.  It is crucial that you understand what is expected out of the job and how you  can showcase the value you bring to the table. Carefully examine the job  requirements and customize your resume for each job.

Do not send the same resume to 100s of companies as it will most likely not establish you the best candidate for the job.

4. Be proactive and show your enthusiasm

Before applying for a job, make sure you reach out and connect with someone from the company to learn about the workplace culture, job expectations and  the hiring process. This will not only show hiring managers that you are serious  but also that you are proactive and enthusiastic about the job.

Personal resume drop ins, calls and meetups are much more effective than  sending an email.

5. Get right references

Job seekers can surely double their chances of succeeding in their job hunt by getting references from their previous managers/boss, new connections in  Canada and from their places of volunteering.

A connection or reference can  go a long way in putting the right words about your candidature to the  employers and help you find the right job.

6. Update your social media profiles

Most of the job seekers these days use social media to verify and double  check your educational and professional experience. When applying for jobs,  don’t forget to add your social media profiles to your resume to show who you  are and what you do outside of work.

At the same time, keep your social media  profiles professional and up to date to list your past experiences and summary highlights. A well written bio and profile on social media helps you  put the right impression and make you stand out.

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