International students who already enrolled or those likely to apply for the new online courses, this is really good news for them.

So what is this about?

Earlier we know Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) announced that due to this pandemic travel restriction will be there for some time but they do not want to halt the study process in Canada. So far that they allowed online courses to take place for a certain period. Now that got complicated when the post-graduate work permit arises! To solve the issue IRCC said online courses will not be penalized when applying for a Post-Graduation Work Permit. But there was a condition where PGWP will be cunted only after the study permit gets approved.

Now to give International Student more facility IRCC declared that they don’t need to wait for the study permits to be approved their count towards PGWP going to start the day they start their online courses. But they have to apply for the study permit before Sept’ 15 and they must complete half of their course within Canada.

So far IRCC decided they won’t deduct the study time completed outside Canada from the length of the PGWP up to Dec’31, 2020.

Those who haven’t applied for the study permit! We suggest you should go for it as Canada will accept incomplete applications for study permits. The new 2-step process is there to facilitate International Students to start studying without having a full study-permit. However, it will be needed once every document submitted.