Yukon Provincial Nominee Program is not like just another PNP! This program is especially for workers.

A province over 30,000 people need of workers and investors. The very reason it has been popular into those who are looking for Canada immigration and get a permanent residence here.

The Yukon Nominee Program, a Provincial Nominee Program(PNP), is making it easy for the foreign nationals to work or do business and get permanent resident in Canada.

Following are the immigration process Yukon PNP works-

  1. Yukon Skilled Workers: Just like other provinces Yukon is also required, skilled workers. To fill that Yukon is providing an excellent opportunity to nominate Skilled Foreign Workers for permanent residence in Canada using YNP.
    • Requirements:
      1. No need for the Express Entry profile.
      2. Must have a job offer.
      3. Must have the language proficiency of CLB 7 for NOC 0 & A, of CLB 5 for NOC B.
      4. Minimum 1 year of working experience in the field.
      5. Minimum high school level education as per the job profile.
    • How to Proceed? :- As we can see for the PNP program both Employer and the employee needs to an application together. Now if the application approved, the candidate will receive an ITA for the PR and in the meantime a letter in support of Temporary Work-permit. After that, the candidate can use that temporary work permit to work in Yukon by applying for the work permit through IRCC. Must be noted that after receiving nomination the applicant must apply for PR within 6 months.
  2. Express Entry: Same goes for the way other provinces work in this particular process. One must a valid job offer from the Yukon employer.
  3. Yukon Business Nominee: To boost the economy and employee strength in Yukon is a program introduced to attract more entrepreneurs and business persons to operate their own business.
    • Requirements:
      • Language proficiency of minimum CLB LVL 4.
      • Education must minimum at a high school level.
      • Should have business ownership or management of 5 years experience.
      • Can invest CA$300,000 and need to show personal assets of CA$500,000.
  4. Yukon Community Pilot: This program is newly introduced in Jan 2020 just to boost Yukon’s specific economic and labour market needs. Within this program, specifically, skilled workers can work up to 3 employers as part-time workers. But there is a restriction of territory and it will allow them to accumulate 1,560 hours in a single year.
    • Requirements:
      • Must meet the same requirements for a work permit.
      • Must have 2-3 job offers with 30 hours a week restriction in it.
      • Letter from Govt. of Yukon.
  5. Critical Impact Workers: Yukon introduced this to nominate those with low skilled workers (NOC C or D ) who are required for the employers to make their workflow goes smooth.
    • Requirements:
      • Must have a job offer.
      • Language proficiency of CLB LVL 4.
      • Education should be of minimum high school level.
      • 6 months of working experience.

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